More than Just a Shim!

Beta Shim, leaders in top-tier production of every conceivable CNC part, metal stamping, shim manufacturing, flat patterns, and sheet metal for over 40 years!

Solving Complex Engineering Challenges Through Advance Manufacturing and Metrology Technology.

Beta Shim Company provides industry leading quality levels in the military and industrial manufacturing sectors. Although our business began with manufacturing exclusively shims and flat pattern sheet metal, over the last three decades Beta Shim has expanded into top tier production of every conceivable CNC part and metal stamping.

With core competencies in CNC manufacturing processes, Beta Shim Company is uniquely suited to fulfill the production needs of your company. High value materials and time sensitive production capability are specialties of the highly experienced Beta Shim Company team.

Equipped to Meet Your Demands

CNC Milling

CNC Milling capabilities receive the same detailed attention as our Turning services

CNC Turning

CNC turning was the first CNC specialty Beta Shim pursued to modernize its shop

Metal Stamping

Beta Shim expertise in the field of metal stamping and punching is unparalleled

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